Our quality approach

Our agronomy and oenology teams provide day-to-day technical and human support to our winegrowers, with the aim of preserving the soil and making a positive impact on our region in economic, environmental and social terms. On each plot, we seek the perfect match between grape variety, terroir and climate.

“It all starts in the vineyard, where the soil and microclimate at cluster level determine the style of the wine. When you find the most suitable terroir for growing a grape variety, you’re whispering the promise of a great wine.” Gabriel Ruetsch.

Our rosé wines

A palette of colors and grape varieties, our rosés take you on a journey through the Languedoc region! Brimming with sunshine, our 14 grape varieties, including the rare Piquepoul noir or Sauvignon gris, receive special attention from vine to cellar. Our oenologists play the innovation card, using aging on lees, co-fermentation and ageing in wood to bring ever greater aromatic complexity to our cuvées and offer you signature rosés from the small aromatic nugget to the top-of-the-range rosé.